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Interpreter - The translation agency that puts you in focus

Situations and people are unique to our role

is to adapt the needs accordingly.
With us, you can feel safe.

Interpreting services

During the current pandemic, many of our customers choose to book an interpreter by phone instead of on site. This is a fast and cost effective method. Our interpreters are spread all over the country and together possess over 200 languages and dialects. Contact us today and we will help you with exactly your needs.


Your tonality with Copywriting and proofreading, We help to design or review texts. Our employees ensure that the text is correct and suitable for your purpose and your target group. Proofreading or text review is always based on the original text.


All translations are reviewed by a proofreader who compares the translation with the original text. Our network of translators together covers a wide range of knowledge. We also offer Copy translations for advertising or marketing purposes, then the translator adds another level of communication to the text.

The competence proximity principle
controls our

Our tool always asks the interpreter with the highest competence who is geographically closest to the assignment.

The language experts put the interpreter in focus by streamlining the daily work of administration and planning. Through different levels of our interpreters, we meet the needs of each assignment.

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Upon request, an interpreter is applied according to the competence principle.

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Zhaleh Varedi


The way I am treated as an interpreter in contact with the Language Experts gives me a good feeling that I am a valuable part of the interpreting industry.

Daniel Goitom


When I come in contact with the Language Experts, I experience genuine commitment and a high level of service.


En personlig byrå som sätter dig i fokus

A personal agency that puts you in focus

Together with us, you work in a personal environment where we put the needs in focus.

With follow-up and quality interviews, we ensure that we constantly increase the competence of our services among our interpreters and translators.

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