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Business and conference interpreting For professional communication

A functioning and competent communication at international meetings, business discussions or contract agreements is one of the foundations for successful business.

We simplify communication at international meetings and ensure that the nuances are reached and that the details are clarified. This applies regardless of the participants' mother tongue, choice of words or technical terms, everything must reach the recipients.

Our vision is to offer the best and most effective interpreting solution for every meeting and conversation, regardless of language or location.

Business interpretation

In this sector, it can be general meetings, business meetings, visits, board meetings, negotiations, product analyzes and information. Depending on competence and place, we hand-pick the interpreter who is right for the job. With a wide range and network of interpreters, we can offer our customers a global language service.

Conference interpretation

At conference interpreting, we ensure that the right interpreting team provides the assignment for a high-quality result. Depending on the size of the event in question, interpreters can either work from an interpreting booth or with portable interpreting bags. At other types of meetings, we offer whisper interpretation, meaning that the interpreter translates directly when the conversation takes place.

Official visits, meetings and conferences

Conference interpreters and conference interpreters are used primarily at meetings, events, seminars, trainings, official visits or major conferences. At conferences, interpreters usually work in a cabin or consecutively at business meetings. Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter translates conversations after they have been presented in their entirety.

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