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Our digital work tool enables our interpreters to spend more time with you.

Digital working methodology

Our interpreters have undergone quality and competence tests, each individual interpreter is trained according to our digital work tool. We offer competence levels according to the competence principle among interpreters to meet your wishes.

Your responsibility as an interpreter user

Keep in mind that site interpretation always takes a little longer than regular meetings, plan extra time for the visit.

Start by introducing yourself and then let the interpreter introduce himself by telling you about his professional role in both languages. If there are more people present in the room, you should also present them.

It is your responsibility as an interpreter user to ensure that what is said is correct. The interpreter only translates what you say, and may not change, add or have opinions. If you suspect a conflict of interest, you can cancel the call and end the visit. Be sure to review the assignment information before signing the assignment.

Your responsibility as an interpreter user

You can always leave notes when signing or download a deviation report for any comments.

Go to | Load deviation report


  • What language do I need?

  • Are there different dialects in the language?

  • From which country does the client / patient come from?

  • Do I want an on-site interpreter or telephone interpreter?

  • Do I need a male or female interpreter?

The following laws govern the interpreter's work

  • God tolksed , Kammarkollegiet (2019)

  • Law (1975: 689) on the duty of confidentiality for certain interpreters and translators.

  • The Secrecy and Public Access Act, SOL (2009: 400)

  • Agreement between the Language Experts and the individual interpreter.

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