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The competence principle

The competence principle and proximity govern our matches

Our tool always asks the interpreter with the highest competence who is geographically closest to the assignment. . The language experts put the interpreter in focus by streamlining the daily work, administration and planning. Together, we work with different levels of interpreters that match the interpreter user's different needs.


The following competence levels apply:


  • Level 1: Other interpreter, Approved interpreter has completed undergraduate training or intro course. Also tested and approved by the Language Experts.

  • Level 2: Trained interpreter and registered at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, has undergone undergraduate training under the supervision of MYH (Authority for Polytechnics).

  • Level 3: Authorized interpreter, by the Chamber of Deputies

  • Level 4: Authorized court interpreter or medical interpreter, by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Since we primarily value quality, we at LANGUAGE EXPERTS ensure that the most suitable interpreters are sent for each individual assignment. Interpreters with the highest formal level of competence are always asked first.

For you as an interpreter

THE LANGUAGE EXPERTS work with a tool that ensures that you as an interpreter are offered the right assignment at the times you want to work. It is therefore important that you discuss your available days and times with the agent / broker. It is also equally important to clearly state where you are willing to undertake assignments.

For you as a customer

THE LANGUAGE EXPERTS process each booking based on their unique contractual requirements, which also include requirements for competence and proximity as well as the type of service. We work on the principle that each assignment must be securely assigned to a suitable interpreter at least 48 hours before the assignment.


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