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Telephone interpretation - fast, cost-effective and green…

A quick alternative when an interpreter with special competence is not geographically close and the need is immediate.

This type of interpretation is now also called "green interpretation" because it is environmentally friendly as it avoids the environmental impact of transport. The interpreter reproduces in the speakerphone what the speaker says afterwards, usually with a couple of sentences at a time.

We recommend telephone interpreting as a cheaper alternative in emergency situations when an interpreter is not considered necessary on site and with less common languages.


Do not talk to each other and try to avoid dialects and special technical terms for clearer communication. The dialogue runs in both directions and the parties take turns speaking.

Things to think about before contacting the interpreter

  • When using telephone interpretation, check the functions of the speakerphone.

  • The interpreter must have time to understand everything that is said. Do not talk to each other, remember to speak calmly, clearly and distinctly.

  • Remember to avoid dialects and special technical terms.

  • Respect the interpreter's working methods and give the interpreter time, do not interrupt unnecessarily. Keep in mind that the interpreter has the right to pause for long sentences.

Få ögonblicklig tillgång till professionella tolkar via vår telefontolkningstjänst
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