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Upon request, an interpreter is applied according to the competence principle.

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Through our interpreters, we can simplify everyday life and at the same time offer digital and environmentally friendly services.

With a wide selection, you can book one of our interpreters or translators who together represent different languages and dialects. We offer a range of interpreting and language services such as translation assignments, contact interpreters, telephone interpreters and video interpreting.

Competence principle

Our main principle for finding the right interpreter for each individual booking is based on our basic attitude that the interpreter with the highest formal competence and proximity should be consulted in the first place.

The following competence levels apply:

  • Level 1: Other interpreter, Approved interpreter has undergone undergraduate training or intro course and is tested and approved by the Language Experts.

  • Level 2: Trained interpreter and registered at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, has undergone undergraduate training under the supervision of MYH (Authority for Polytechnics).

  • Level 3: Authorized interpreter, by the Chamber of Deputies.

  • Level 4: Authorized court interpreter or medical interpreter, by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Laws and regulations

The right to an interpreter is regulated in section 8 of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986: 223) and the interpreter's assignment in Chapter 5, sections 6-8 of the Code of Judicial Procedure and section 50-52 of the Administrative Procedure Act (1971: 291). The duty of confidentiality is governed by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009: 400) and the Act on the Duty of Confidentiality for Certain Interpreters and Translators (1975: 689). The duty to testify and provisions regarding inconsistency and impartiality are also regulated by law and regulations.

The interpreter - a guarantee of security and legal certainty

To be understood and to be allowed to speak one's own language, not least in important contacts with authorities is a legal right in Sweden - regardless of whether one masters Swedish, Sami, Arabic, sign language or something else. The demands on the interpreters' quality and ethics are therefore high. Large parts of the trust in, for example, the judiciary, healthcare and authorities are based on everyone being able to make themselves understood.

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