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We make a difference for you,
so that you can make a difference


Working as an interpreter is not the same as knowing two languages. Interpretation requires skills and experience.

We put the interpreter and the customer in focus by reducing stress and strain. Together with our digital work tool, the interpreter gets more space to be an interpreter.

We are looking for you who are an authorized or trained interpreter and have documented experience of working as an interpreter. A responsible job that places demands on your skills and ability to function independently.

We work mainly with.

  • Authorized interpreters with specialist competence in, for example, legal interpretation and medical interpretation.

  • Authorized interpreters

  • Interpreters who have completed basic interpreter training

The role as an interpreter is important and has a decisive importance, therefore many interpreters feel that the work is very rewarding.

About the job

We are looking for interpreters and aspirants in all languages ​​below for interpreting assignments on site and by phone.

  • An exciting and varied job as an interpreter. One day you can interpret for the social services, help someone at a doctor's visit or take part in an asylum examination - on site, by phone or via video link.

  • Therefore, it is also important to behave professionally in demanding situations, to make both customer and client feel safe with you and that you together achieve maximum results.

  • A responsible job that places demands on your skills and ability to function independently.

  • A flexible job where you can often control your schedule yourself. Full-time or part-time in combination with any other occupation.

About you

Are you cooperative, like people, meet them in a good way and have at least a basic education as an interpreter? Then you are interesting to us.

The requirements for representing us are that you:

  • Has at least a basic education in the interpreting church

  • Is of legal age, ie at least 18 years old

  • Do not have any remarks in the load register

  • Speaks fluent Swedish and another language

  • Has good knowledge and social orientation about Sweden and about the country / countries where the interpreting language is spoken.

  • Has good digital knowledge, such as handling emails, apps, maps.

  • Is available to at least 50 percent.

  • If you have a driving license and a car, it is a merit but not a requirement; however, we expect you to be able to undertake assignments on site.

Terms of employment

Form of employment: fixed-term employment.

Scope: hourly paid

Access: soon.

The languages

These languages ​​are in demand: • Berber • Be the Car • Esan • Fejli • Gorani • Igbo • Indonesian • Karen • Kazakh • Khmer • Kikuyu • Kinyarwanda • Kyrgyz • Kirundi • Luganda • Malay • Mandinka • Mongolian • Dutch • Nepali • Oromo • Pidgin • Punjabi • Romani • Sarakole • Sinhalese • Somali Mai-Mai • Sousou • Swahili • Tamil • Turkmen • Turkmen with Afghan dialect • Twi • Uighur • Hungarian • Urdu • Uzbek • Uzbek with Afghan dialect • Arabic • Tigrinya • Somali • Albanian • Dari • Persian • Turkish • Pashto

Ongoing recruitment, send in your application today!

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