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Professionell platstolkning av högsta kvalitet

Flat interpretation -
The most common interpreting method

Plat interpretation is not only the oldest and most traditional form of interpretation but also the most common. The interpreter is on site and translates what is said between two parties who do not speak the same language.

Flat interpretation is the best interpreting method in, for example, a court where it is normally a matter of simultaneous interpretation. There, it is usually a requirement that the interpreter is present.

The advantage of on-site interpretation is that there is no risk of technical errors and that the interpreter himself can observe body language and gestures that the participants indicate.

We have developed a digital tool that simplifies the interpreter's availability, both in terms of time and place.

Interpreting is especially recommended for interpreting interventions with young children, the hearing impaired or people with mental health problems.

To think before you receive the interpreter

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  • Law (1975: 689) on the duty of confidentiality for certain interpreters and translators.

  • The Secrecy and Public Access Act, SOL (2009: 400)

  • Agreement between the Language Experts and the individual interpreter.

Platstolkning på plats hos dig
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